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1.1 Introduction 

OPHERA project main objective is to reveal to a wider audience, as a cultural expression, the widespread cultural heritage restoration process currently on-going in the territories affected by Central-Italy 2016 earthquake. 
The first phase of the project is dedicated to the capacity building of a multi-disciplinary cultural operators team based on three international workshops and a tutored individual work.

OPHERA Workshop 1 - WS1 - Team A
Digital technologies for knowledge and promotion of cultural heritage during the restoration & reconstruction process
Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus.
10-16 May 2020

OPHERA Workshop 2 - WS2 - Team B
Traditional and innovative methods for structural monitoring and safety assessment of built cultural heritage.
University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal.
31 May - 6 June 2020

OPHERA Workshop 3 - WS3 - Team A+B
Designing a cultural event in a post-earthquake restoration site, methods and tools.
Muccia-Camerino, Italy
4 – 12 September 2020

Individual work with tutor - 40 hours 
Between October 2020 and April 2021

Fostering the creation of the multidisciplinary cultural operators team is a key aspect of the OPHERA project, in order to make the dissemination events of the second phase an opportunity both for the local communities and for the audience that will benefit of the cultural contents embedded in the cultural heritage restoration process.
20 candidates will be selected through the present call and two teams (A and B) will be defined.
10 selected applicants will attend Workshop 1.
10 selected applicants will attend Workshop 2.
All 20 selected applicants will attend Workshop 3 and shall carry out the individual work together with a partner tutor.


1.2 Focus & Methodology

For the OPHERA workshops, three main topics have been identified:
Digital technologies for knowledge and promotion of cultural heritage during the restoration & reconstruction process 
Traditional and innovative methods for structural monitoring and safety assessment of built cultural heritage.
Designing a cultural event in a post-earthquake restoration site, methods and tools.

The OPHERA workshops foster a hands-on approach, which introduces participants to the overall conceptual and theoretical framework of the three main topics and invites them to engage proactively, and in creative ways, with local organizations, institutions and places.
Within this approach, the workshops will include on-site visits and interview-style sessions and pitch activities. This will allow participants to consider real-life situations and to engage with practical dilemmas often faced by their organizations and institutions.
Each day, a specific dilemma will be further explored through debates and discussions with two or three speakers and/or professionals, who will present different points of view on, approaches to or solutions for the dilemma in focus.
At the end of Workshop 3, each participant will be combined with a partner tutor in order to develop a content to be shown during the exhibition to be performed on summer 2021. This activity may be carried out remotely or at partner premises and will commit the participant for approximately 40 hours.

The programme of the OPHERA workshops targets national and international artists (visual & performing arts), conservators, freelancers, professionals currently working in private companies and organizations (foundations, co-operatives, NGOs, grassroots community organizations, non-profit entities, etc.), staff of public institutions (national, regional, provincial or local governments, development agencies, research centres, international organizations), students, researchers and academic staff active in the field of cultural heritage management knowledge and conservation.
Participants should be strongly committed to the development of the visibility of the cultural values embedded in restoration process. 
The selection process will identify 20 participants. Each applicant shall express preference between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, according to his/her skills and interests. 
10 selected applicants will attend Workshop 1.
10 selected applicants will attend Workshop 2.
All 20 selected applicants will attend Workshop 3.
Each selected applicant will receive a lump-sum participation grant of EUR 1,000.00.
Information about the workshops are available here


1.3 How to Apply

To apply, you should complete the application form in English before the deadline indicated in ‘Important dates’ in the Call for Applications. After this deadline, you will not be able to modify your application.

You will be asked to provide the following types of information in English:
• Personal details
• Education & skills
• Work organization and expertise details
• Motivations to participate in the OPHERA workshop 
• Feedback on the application process (because we want to learn from your experience)
• Confirmation of your availability to carry out the activities envisaged in the OPHERA workshop programme
• Confirmation you will not receive other European funds for participation to OPHERA project activities in addition to the lump-sum grant allowed by the project.
• Express preference between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 
• Acceptance of OPHER project privacy policy
As well as the following documents (in PDF format):
• A 2-page CV (max 10 MB)
• A portfolio (max 10 pages, max 10 MB) - OPTIONAL - 


1.4 Application Requirements

Applicants had to fulfil the following requirements:

  • aged 18+
  • legally residing in a Creative Europe country
  • working in the fields of culture, art and restoration at different levels
    • Artists (Visual & Performing arts) and art restorers
    • Cultural operators
    • Undergraduate students, researchers and academic staff
    • Public and ecclesial institutions staff
    • Local and national public and private bodies administrators
    • Creative and Cultural industries professionals & entrepreneurs
  • submit the application within the established deadline through the OPHERA project website
  • include all of the information requested in the application form.
  • provide a case study (project, programme or initiative, which is currently being implemented or has concluded within the last 5 years and is related to the candidate’s professional/education experience)
  • be strongly motivated to the development of the visibility of the cultural values embedded in restoration process.
  • accept the workshop programme
  • the applicant has not previously received EU mobility support for the same workshop programme
  • accept the project coordinator privacy policy

1.5 Selection Criteria

According to the available budget it will be possible to admit to OPHERA workshop 20 candidates, which shall receive a participation grant of € 1.000,00 to cover part of the participation costs.

All applications will be independently evaluated by an Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation Committee is composed by 5 members of Italian Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo, to be selected by a public draw following an interest expression of internal personnel. 

The evaluators will assess the following aspect of an application :

  • Relevance of education and skills to project objectives (0 to max 10 points as follows)
    • o secondary school diploma 1 point
    • o first-level university graduation (bachelor or “laurea triennale”) 2 points
    • o master’degree graduation (laurea specialistica biennale) 2 points
    • o Laurea specialistica a ciclo unico o lauree vecchio ordinamento (Italy only) 4 points
    • o Postgraduate Master (I° level or II°level) 2 points/each
    • o Doctorate 3 points
    • o Professional affiliation (abilitazione professionale) 1 point
  • Relevance of proposed case study (0 to 7 points)
  • Applicant motivations (0 to 8 points)
In order to ensure a composition of a European team, and involve operators directly interested with the OPHERA project topics, the following applications will obtain additional points:
  • Applicants working in towns affected by 2016 Central Italy earthquake (5 points). See the official list.
  • Applicants working in Portugal, Cyprus or Slovenia (5 points)
  • Applicants working in other Creative Europe countries different than Italy (2 points)

Each evaluator will assign a score to each application, the final ‘score’ will be used to define the 20 selected applicants. Applicants will be informed by email about the results of the selection process. Selected applicants will be contacted within 3 - 5 weeks of the deadline of the call. The others will receive an email saying they were not selected. 

Due to the number of applications, the OPHERA team will not motivate the decision, which will be final, but they will publish successful OPHERA project stories on the website and social media to encourage other ways of participation.

According to OPHERA project policy a minimum of 6 selected applicants shall be active in Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia or others Creative Europe countries different than Italy


1.6 Working Language

OPHERA workshops official language is English


1.7 Participants support

There are no enrolment fees for OPHERA workshop selected participants.

Selected applicants will receive a lump-sum participation grant of EUR 1,000.00. The grant will be transferred in two parts. The first part (500,00 €) after the successfully participation at Workshop 1 or 2 (according to the workshop selected by the candidate). The second part (500,00 €) will be paid after the successfully attendance of Workshop 3 and completion of individual work (max April 2021).
IMPORTANT: Each selected participant will be responsible for paying all taxes due on the grant he/she will receive. This may include double taxation. For details, see

OPHERA workshop participation will be certified by the project partnership members with an official certificate of participation.
Lunches during the workshop will be provided by the organizers.


1.8 Logistics

Participants are responsible for booking, confirming and paying for their accommodation in the Workshop locations. Participants are also responsible for arranging and paying for their own transportation to and from Workshop location.
Organizers will provide a reference person to assist the participants in the preparatory phase of the workshops.


1.9 Important dates

Call for Application opening: 16/12/2019
Submission deadline: 16/01/2020
Notification of results: within 15/02/2020


1.10 Workshop final certificate

A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the project activities


1.11 Contacts

OPHERA workshop organizing office.

Phone +39.071.50294232
facebook @progettoopheramibact
Address Via Birarelli, 35, Ancona-Italia
c/o Segretariato Regionale del MIBACT per le Marche


1.12 Data Protection

The reply to any Call for Applications involves the recording and processing of personal data (such as name, address and CV). Such data will be processed pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Unless indicated otherwise, the questions and any personal data requested are required to evaluate the application in accordance with the specifications of the Call for Applications will be processed solely for that purpose by the OPHERA project evaluation team. 
Details concerning the processing of personal data are available in the project privacy policy.

Segretariato Regionale del MiBACT per le Marche as project coordinator deals with data for organizational management of educational projects as per EU Regulation 679/2016. The data controller is the Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo con sede legale in Roma – Via del Collegio Romano, 27 00186 Roma - email:
By submitting your application, you declare to have read the complete privacy policy note.